Return to the Center of Uranus June 8 2024

Return to the Center of Uranus!


Journey to the Center of UranusĀ  celebrates LGBTQ+ backroom bar culture and the disco music that is it’s beating heart! Please join us every second Saturday night at 9 p.m. as we transform ourĀ  Cell Block backroom bar club space into a hard rocket ship pointed straight at Uranus!

The soundtrack to our journey is comprised of Disco, New Wave, Post Punk, Backroom Bangers, and Club Classics curated by DJ Zack Hudson.

Feel free and encouraged to dress up in your shiny, metallic, futuristic space fantasy gear. Jockastraps, harnesses and other fetish gear are all great too. There is never a dress code at the legendary Cell Block.

There is no cover charge for admission. And there is a free clothing and coat check located inside Cell Block’s backroom bar.

Monthly. Every Second Saturday Night. Get ready! We’re on a mission to to reach the Center of Uranus!