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Sunday Bunday

This Sunday. Every Sunday. It’s Sunday Bunday!

Beating the end-of-weekend blues is easier for gay men and all LGBTQ+ folks in a fully queer space full of scantily clad dudes.

Welcome to Sunday Bunday — established October 28, 2018 — a fun, friendly cruising party where most folks strip down to their undies, jockstraps, or fetish gear and get to know the folks around them as hot beats from backroom bar cruising classics course through the air.

The party opens up at 3 p.m. inside Cell Block’s backroom bar. Cold drinks flow. Hot music pumps out of the speakers. Friends begin trickling in shortly after the doors open.

No dress code. But less is more.

There’s never a dress code at Cell Block. To get the full Sunday Bunday experience, we encourage folks to strip down to their undies, jockstraps, fetish gear, or something that makes them feel sexy.

Find what you like

Sunday Bunday has always welcomed LGBTQ+ folks of all ages, ethnicities, queer expression, and body types. Our only requirements for entry are that all folks must be 21+ with their ID present. A beverage purchase is required to remain inside Cell Block’s backroom club space.

Consent ain’t no joke

Dance, cruise, connect, and have a great time at Sunday Bunday. If someone indicates verbally or otherwise that they don’t want to receive touch or other advances, it is mandatory that all persons respect that. Make sure consent for any interactions is clear. Any reported consent violations will result in the offender’s immediate removal and a lifetime ban from Cell Block.

I like to watch

LGBTQ+ backroom bar spaces should be very welcoming of all LGBTQ+ folks who have known the stigma and shame of being different than almost all the folks around them for their entire lives. Our party is primarily made up of gay and bisexual men and nonbinary folks.

Sunday Bunday welcomes all LGBTQ+ folks in our club space.

Some folks like to get in the thick of it at Sunday Bunday and dance, cruise, and make new friends and connections. Other folks like to watch the fun from their barstool. All those folks are welcome.

My friend is a Sunday Bunday model

That’s awesome. Tell them thank you from us. We try to recruit folks who come to the party. We also strive to include folks of multiple races, ages, and body types. That’s just how serious we are about being welcoming to all our LGBTQ+ brethren.

Can I be a model?

Hell yes! Send us a message on Instagram (@sundaybunbdayparty) or X/Twitter (@sundaybunbdaychi). We’ll send you the details about our party ambassador roles.

See you there!

This Sunday. Every Sunday. Join us for fun, cruising, music, drinks, and connection at Sunday Bunday. 3 p.m.-close inside the backroom club bar at the legendary Cell Block. No cover charge. Free clothes check.