Pedal Pups

WUHfff Hosted by Pedal Pups

Cell Block Puppy Pound and Back Room

Pedal Pups are at it again, keeping the party going with the next sexy installment of WUHfff (pronounced UNHhhh like Trixie)

This time we’re bringing the party to you Chicago! Because the Pedal Pups are bi-coastal AND non-coastal and it might even be warm! We’ll keep your Sunday Funday tails wagging and your paws digging…

special gogos TBD *ARF*

+ Drink Specials +
+ Raffles +
+ Near complete shamelessness +
+ Pup Bowl Design Studio™ for your bio OR human pup +

but withoooooutttt…
– Mother’s Day facetimes –
– church –
– anything else you needed to get done but won’t –

Funds raised will benefit AIDS LifeCycle – a 545 Mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles – to fund prevention efforts, education, and other sexual health services so that we may someday get to ZERO NEW HIV INFECTIONS in our lifetime! The Pedal Pups have a goal of raising $100,000 in 2019, and we are at 78% to that goal! So bring your pocket books and a playful attitude!!!

Clothes check available – and frankly, encouraged!

If you’re unable to attend but would still like to donate, please use the link below:

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